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Trenchless Waterline Service

If you need a reputable plumbing company for trenchless water line service in Baltimore, then call Baltimore Sewer Service right away. We’re a family-owned and operated company, and we pride ourselves on our professional service. Unlike some other companies, we have a fast response time and always make sure to leave your property pristine. What’s more: we offer a 100% money back guarantee! Our customer reviews speak for themselves: we’re the right company to handle all of your plumbing needs—including trenchless water line repair.

Unlike traditional excavation methods, trenchless water line repair is a non-invasive technique that leaves your yard and driveway intact. Whether the problem’s a burst pipe or waterline, a small line that needs to be upgraded or a pipe that needs to be completely relined, Baltimore Sewer Service has the expertise and equipment to do so quickly and cost-effectively. Trenchless water line service usually takes less than a day to complete; meets all industry and zoning requirements; and can be performed below structures, landscaping, and hardscaping.

Seven Trenchless Water Line Repair Tips

If you’re considering doing trenchless water line repair yourself, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Review the local codes for your municipality: You should always review any building codes that relate to your sewer system to make sure you’re in compliance.
  2. Check for pipes, wiring or other obstructions: Your sewer pipes aren’t the only systems that run underground: electricity cables, phone cables and other construction elements are there, too. Check the blueprints of your property or ask your utilities companies for more information.
  3. Check for large ruptures: Water pooling on your driveway or lawn indicates a significant leak in the lines. Oftentimes, these kinds of ruptures are too large to be fixed with trenchless technology. Excavate the section of your property to find out how extensive the damage is before you do anything else—or better yet: call Baltimore Sewer Service to take care of it for you!
  4. Remove any tree roots: Tree roots penetrate into water lines and sewer drains looking for nutrients. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest causes of damage to sewer lines. Dig up and remove and roots that are close to the pipe system.
  5. Unclog the drains: Clogs will get in the way of relining the pipes. As soon as you know you’re going to be doing trenchless water line repair, clean your drains with commercial drain cleaner. You can even do it a few weeks in advance and repeat the process to ensure there are absolutely no clogs.
  6. Dig a hole at either end of the pipe: You need access points to the pipe, so dig a small hole at either end. Then insert the inflatable lining in one hole and work it through the other end.
  7. Reline the pipe instead of replacing it: You can strengthen either a section or the entire system with relining, as it will protect against corrosion, cracks and sediment build up.