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Trenchless Water Line Installation

When it comes to trenchless water line installation, Baltimore Sewer Service is the go-to company for property owners in the Baltimore area. Trenchless water line installation is a non-invasive technique that allows you to install a new water line without excavation, so it’s an outstanding choice for property owners who need to repipe without harming landscaping, driveways or streets.

Conventional Water Line Installation

The conventional water line installation method involves digging a trench of about a foot wide and 14” to 16” deep, often ruining lawns and yards, which then needs weeks to recover.  Obviously, this is less than ideal for homeowners in the Baltimore area with busy lives and jam-packed schedules!

Trenchless Water Line Installation: The Alternative

Our trenchless method uses a steel spike to install a robust, new water line below the freeze line on your property. After clean up on the same day as installation, you’ll have a hard time seeing where the new water line runs.

In short, trenchless water line installation is undoubtedly the single most convenient and effective way to run a new, durable water line.

The team of plumbing experts at Baltimore Sewer Service will always do its best to avoid having to excavate driveways or walkways. If necessary, we’ll tunnel under any blockage by digging a hole where the section begins and ends. This avoids the necessity of cutting out a foot-wide piece of concrete or paving and having to get that replaced.

Baltimore Sewer Service: The #1 Choice!

Many plumbers try to avoid digging under a structure by attaching a new pipe onto the old one at about 2 feet outside your home. Obviously, this will only result in more problems later on. Our team runs a brand new line all the way from the city-owned meter to the crawlspace on your property, where we also install a new valve for your convenience.

In order to make your plumbing system as good as new, we also install a development tank and pressure lowering valve. This will help prevent any future issues while simultaneously bringing your property up to code, as well as increasing its value.

In some instances, a new water line picks up dirt and deposits it into the water supply, damaging fixtures and compromising your health. Our team prevents this from happening by purging the new pipe a number of times until we’re satisfied the dirt is flushed out.

And of course, we’ll make sure you’re completely satisfied before we leave! We live up to our reviews. So don’t wait: call Baltimore Sewer Service today!