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Water Heater Services in Baltimore

When it comes to ensuring your home’s hot water supply, you’re best advised to discuss water heaters with Baltimore Sewer Service. Many people question whether a gas appliance is better than an electric one, but the truth is, each has its pros and cons.

Gas Water Heater Versus Electric Water Heater

When choosing between a gas and an electric appliance, it’s important to note that a gas water heater is usually cheaper and can keep working during power outages, while an electric one will only function if you have a generator. However, gas brings its own considerations, such as whether natural gas or propane is available and whether the homeowner considers gas to be safe.

An electric water heater, on the other hand, heats faster and enjoys higher safety ratings, since it has a lower risk of fires or explosions. Moreover, electric water heaters enjoy a longer life than gas appliances.

Ultimately, personal preference often guides the final choice. Both types of water heater come in a range of brands and sizes, which will determine the initial investment needed to purchase one. To find out what kind of water heater is best for your situation, contact Baltimore Sewer Service today!