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Garbage Disposal Service in Baltimore

If you have a garbage disposal in your Baltimore home, you already know how convenient it is. But did you know that it’s also good for the environment?

Think about it: when you throw organic waste in the trash, it eventually ends up in a landfill and produces dangerous methane, a strong and combustive greenhouse gas. But when you flush organic waste down the garbage disposal, it’s sluiced off to the regional wastewater treatment facility, where the water is sanitized and in many cases, the organic waste is processed and turned into fertilizer.

Considering the convenience and environmental responsibility of garbage disposals, it’s not surprising that approximately 42 million American households have one. However, it’s important to understand that you need to keep your garbage disposal in good working order to avoid problems.

Do’s and Don’ts of Garbage Disposal Maintenance:

  • Do always run the warm water before flipping the switch.
  • Don’t throw rice, pasta, grease, eggshells, hard-skinned or stringy vegetables in the disposal.
  • Do let the disposal run until the grinding sound changes back to a smooth hum after throwing waste in the drain.
  • Don’t throw metal, paper, plastic or any other no-organic waste in the disposal.
  • Do thoroughly clean the garbage disposal by putting ice cubes in it and running it until the cubes are completely processed.
  • Don’t drop flatware in the drain!
  • Do let the water continue to run for at least another minute after stopping the disposal.

Even if you make sure to properly maintain your garbage disposal, over time, it will show signs of wear and tear. If you notice any problems at all, call Baltimore Sewer Service right away!