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Water Line Leak Detection in Baltimore

If you feel that you home or business has a water leak, we can perform expert water leak detection services.

Whether a toilet leak, water heater leak, basement leak, or underground leak, we have the latest technology to take care of the problem. No matter the size or length of your property, we can assess exactly what water leak problem you are having and advise on the steps you need to take for water leak repair.

Water line leaks can happen in the house, under a house slab or outside the house underground. The types of leaks can be harder to detect without the right professional equipment.

A non-expert can typically see pools of water if the leak is located above ground however, leaks below ground can be more difficult as these oftentimes will only be noticed when there is already a severe problem.

A small leak can go unnoticed unless water pressure testing is done. Only an experienced leak detection technician should handle pipe problems.

Why do underground water leaks happen?

Exposed piping that comes in contact with unprotected lines, rebar, electrical conduits or heating duct work can cause leaks.  The friction causes the piping to become worn and leaky.

Another cause of a slab or main water line leak is a kinked line or one that has been accidentally damaged by a concrete worker or other contractor.  The nick or indentation eventually wears through and causes a leak.

How do you detect underground water leaks without digging?

There are many methods of water line leak detection, from electronic to employing sewer cameras or jack-hammering the area and doing a visual check, etc.  With electronic leak detecting, pipes must be disconnected and pressurized with nitrogen that makes a high-pitched sound that is heard through high powered headphones.  The point of the highest decibel sound is typically the source of the leak.  This is a very effective way to detect leaks.

Easily detected leaks with pipes below the sink or on obvious locations, may not need special leak detection equipment, but you still should hire a professional plumber to fix them correctly.

What are the dangers of undetected leaks to my property?

Even if it may seem like small leaks are present in the exposed parts of underground lines, a larger problem may remain hidden and unnoticed. Plumbers and leak detection specialists use specific tools and techniques that can effectively detect leaks and allow for leak repairs with less time and effort.

Trying to locate a leak yourself can cause you frustration and even more costs in repairs if you damage pipes while trying to locate a leak. Our professional leak detection technicians have the right equipment to locate your leak no matter where it is and to fix it fast.

Signs You Have a Slab Leak:

We don’t want you to waste time and money on a leak detection if you don’t actually need one. So, before scheduling an appointment, take a look at this quick check-list.

  1. Water Meter – If you have a water meter, the first thing to do is make sure nobody’s using the water. Next, take a look at the meter itself. You’ll see either a needle or a triangle. If it’s moving, you’ve got a leak.
  2. Shut-off Valves – Your plumbing system should have two shut-off valves: one for the hot water and one for the cold water. The hot-water shut-off is at the hot water heater. The cold-water shut-off is located where the water enters the building/house. By shutting off each valve, one at a time, then checking the meter, you can determine a.) if your leak is inside and b.) if it’s on the hot-water or cold-water side.
  3. Hot Spots on the Floor – You may find a very warm area on the floor, ranging in size from a few square feet to half a room. This indicates a break on the hot-water plumbing under the slab.
  4. The Sound of Running Water – When water travels through pipes, it makes an audible noise. You’ve doubtless heard the water running when your toilet tank is filling. Commonly, you’ll hear a similar sound when a pipe is leaking.

Our Water Line Leak Detection state of the art technology will  provide valuable information about the existing energy and condition of water distribution systems for pipelines. Our Leak Detection services provided are a cost-effective ways to conserve water, save lost resources and control unnecessary expenses. Advanced water line leaks and detecting the exact source of leaks decreases the possibility for major property damage.

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