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Professional Slab Leak Detection in Baltimore

WARNING!  Slab Leak Detection is a specialized sector of the plumbing industry, and not all companies have the equipment and experience needed to handle detection and repair.

Many homes are built on concrete slabs which can make it harder to find the source of your leak. It is important to have a professional slab leak detection technician service your slab leak to avoid damaging floors, tiles, hard-wood flooring and carpet.

Protect Your Home from Unskilled Technicians

New leak detection and repair methods have developed over the past few years. Baltimore Sewer Service LLC has highly trained slab leak detection technicians that use non-invasive leak detection equipment to accurately locate the leak to save you time, money and avoid unnecessary property damage.

Other plumbers might tell you they need to break your slabs to search for the leak but this simply is not true and can result in damage to your home or yard.

Don’t Let Anyone Dismantle Your Property to Search for Leaks.

Here at Baltimore Sewer Service LLC we believe that breaking into a slab or pool deck, without positive confirmation of a leak location, is unacceptable.

Finding a slab leak requires a thorough process with technical expertise, as well as experience.

Locating leaks non-destructively requires the use of modern tools such as electronic amplification equipment and electromagnetic pipeline locators.

With the proper equipment, leaks can be found and repaired with minimal disruption to property. In many cases, only a single floor tile needs to be removed and replaced.

What Can Cause A Slab Leak?

The causes of slab leaks can be attributed to a number of possibilities. Before concrete slab foundations are poured, soft copper is laid in utility trenches according to design.

Sometimes the soft copper can be kinked, over-bent, or dented. Also, the copper pipes may come into contact with other metalic materials which may cause a galvanic reaction; an electric exchange between two dissimilar metals.

Aggressive water chemistry is another factor that is gaining more attention as a cause of pipe failure. Essentially, the chemicals which are used to make public water safe to consume are also leading to an adverse electro-chemical reaction.

These reactions can cause de-filming of the beneficial mineral lining in copper pipes and expose the bare copper piping and soldered joints to the aggressive water supply.

How Can I Protect my Property from Aggressive Water Chemistry?

Pex tubing is not affected by aggressive water chemistry. With Pex tubing, the water supply piping beneath your home’s foundation is protected by a proven technology that is widely accepted throughout the United States. This will extend the life of your pipes for many years to come.

What are the Advantages of PEX Tubing?

  • It is generally not affected by water quality.
  • It’s freeze-tolerant.
  • It does not corrode nor leach anything into the water.
  • It tends to quiet plumbing and eliminate water hammer.
  • It is also substantially less expensive to install.

How To Tell If You Have A Slab Leak:

  • If you observe cracks in walls or floors, it could be damage from a slab leak.
  • Mildew or excessive moisture under carpets could indicate your slab is cracked and the pipes inside are leaking water.
  • High water bills could also indicate a slab leak. Although a high water bill could indicate a water leak behind the wall, or in your pool, plumbing under the slab is also suspect.
  • The sound of running water when no water should be running, you could have a slab leak.
  • A hot spot on the floor could indicate a hot water line leak in your slab.

Slab Leak Repair Options:

  • Spot Repair – Open up the slab at the spot of the leak and repair leaking pipe. This option is cost effective for newer construction.
  • Repipe or Reroute – Replace the entire line that was leaking. This is most effective for older plumbing systems that have a history of leaking.
  • In-place Pipe Coating – If the plumbing system has a series of small leaks that would be cost prohibitive or too inconvenient to dig up the slab, the in-place epoxy pipe coating could be the best option.

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